The Muscle Nutrition was founded in 1999 as a project by far advanced and avant-garde, dare they say risky for the time, even before the new economy boom, the first company form a sole proprietorship which was formed in 2002 she became a snc then switch to srl in 2004 . Although in 1999 electronic commerce was just beginning they chose that in which they believe and with your help today Muscle Nutrition has become the big company that now all know in the field of trade of the supplements on the internet. Are therefore all our customers, really thousands, the ones they have to thank if this was possible.

The Muscle Nutrition is therefore to be considered in all respects FIRST SITE SALE SUPPLEMENTS in ITALY , needless to say that since 1999 the imitations followed were countless, but the Muscle Nutrition has always held a prominent position in Italy and on the web, the first discussion forum,, the first multi-brand web site with its own fully integrated line, and a series of countless innovations that we are not to list in full copied regularly and on time from the competition.

In addition to quality to Muscle Nutrition can also be found QUANTITY ‘, more than 100 brands available and more than 5000 products have a goal difficult to achieve, have a look around, do your comparisons and then you’ll understand what they mean. All products are available in our warehouse that since early 2007 it separated from the store for an obvious and necessary notable of the same size, this will once again ensure that our store is not a small shop from time to time trying to procure the products that you order, the products are (except in rare cases) everyone and always available IMMEDIATELY, when ordering .

The shipments are to say the least fast , is exemplary what our customers told us about the deliveries, we quote his words: Muscle Nutrition non-delivery by the courier, delivery with Ferrari. This proof of the care and commitment we put in fulfilling our duty, shipments are performed ALWAYS, without time limit, it is obvious that an order that arrives at 18 pm will have little chance of being sent away on the same day as a order to arrive at 16:00 pm will have a higher probability percentage.

24 hours delivery is their standard time , 99% of shipments are completed at least 24 hours. Media speak as it is well known that in the islands such as couriers deliver in 48 hours in most cases, other times it happened, and often it happens that products ordered in the afternoon are delivered the following morning.


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