MyBook – a modern library on the Internet that gives you access to the catalog of bestsellers and classic literature, including new items of different genres, from art to popular science books and business literature. More than fifty thousand titles from more than twenty different genres.

The usual idea of a library is that instead of purchasing individual books you have access to the entire catalog. They do not sell books, and do not force them to download and give read without restrictions and on different devices. Suffice it to subscribe.

In the usual sense of e-books so far have been similar to paper: it is the individual files that need somewhere to download and store, then throw in a reader-reader, and if you have multiple devices for reading, you will have on each maintain a separate copy his or her library. If you do not just read the book, but also a quote and save bookmarks, then sync it all often have to manually.

It is for those who read a lot and having fun, we decided to make Maybuk – club library, entering into which you can not only read the books that you already have, but also the publication from our extensive catalog.


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