Bar the Print is a unique project that allows each person to feel like designer clothes and accessories.

Here you can create your own collection of clothes for personal use and for resale.

You can please yourself and your loved ones the things with exclusive prints, and can build a successful business without start-up costs.

You can order from one to thousands of T-shirts and we gladly will produce them in just 48 hours.

A distinctive feature of the Print Bar – the ability to create clothes and accessories to order a complete sealing with any image on the entire surface of the product.

Exclusive design – they will implement your ideas and offer thousands of its own.

Top quality and environmentally friendly – every one of our products is the result of an individual approach, handmade, modern technology and the best eco-friendly materials.

Speed ​​- the most difficult of any idea to its realization takes place no more than 48 hours.


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