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Myprotein are an online supplement store based in the UK which provide high-quality sports supplements at bargain basement prices. Peruse their range of products, including Impact Whey Protein and Hurricane XS, by heading over to

Myprotein is an online distributor of protein supplements in the UK. Their best selling product – Myprotein Impact Whey Protein – ticks all the boxes. This protein powder is produced using premium grade whey protein concentrate, and as a result delivers a huge 82% protein content. It comes in a variety of great tasting flavours and also mixes into a drink extremely well. At £15.99 for a kilogram, this is outstanding value. By comparison, a 908g tub of Maximuscle Promax Whey Powder has an RRP of £42.99.

ow do Myprotein manage to undercut their competitors by such a large margin? Simple – they are a web-based manufacturer. Myprotein buy in bulk, manufacture in-house and sell directly online. This cuts out the middle-man so savings can be passed onto you. They also package their powders in sachets instead of tubs, which further reduce shipping costs. Other brands such as Maximuscle have massive marketing and sponsorship campaigns and these need to be paid for.

Another advantage of Myprotein is that they supply a full range of products, ranging from creatine and amino acid supplements to training aids such as foam rollers. Their website is very well integrated and you can choose products that will help you achieve your desired goals or increase your performance in a particular sport.

The ‘Your Goals’ section of the website is particularly impressive. You can select from goals such as muscle and size, lean muscle or endurance. Each category then lists a recommended diet, some suggested supplements / products and training tips. It’s all presented very efficiently – you can see exactly what you need to do and the products you should be taking to achieve your goals.


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