Born of the dream of a physician and economist, although very Brazilian, the Natue has received several investment contributions and today proudly part of one of Europe’s largest e-commerce groups, the NU3 (with stores in Germany, UK , France, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, etc.). And they took advantage of that fact to accomplish daily exchanges of experience and improvement, bringing you the very latest and innovative in terms of products and technology.

More than just an online store, through which they offer the best products at the best prices, at Natue they want to provide knowledge, health and well-being to all who approach us, either through social networks, online chat, e-mail, telephone or even in the reports that you find in the country’s leading media outlets. Can see, there is always one of our nutritionists giving any interview, tip, clarifying any questions about healthy eating, supplementation, in short, balanced and healthy lifestyle. Then looking for information, as well as great offers, just visit their page!


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