Contemporary Jewellery and sophisticated designer jewellery for strong, fashionable women – they are inspired by life and dreams.

NEW ONE represents a new jewellery generation – fashionable, trendy, fresh and self-confident – people who value zeitgeist, lifestyle and originality – part of a new outlook on life, in tune with the times. Their collections are changing all the time and are based on the latest fashion trends.

NEW ONE developed from the renowned Schullin company in Graz. Nina Schullin represents the up-and-coming generation and created NEW ONE as an ultra-modern equivalent of the classic jeweller.

In doing so, she created a brand which has enjoyed immense success from the outset with its contemporary jewellery interpretations and easy access to some refreshingly fashionable and great value items of jewellery.

Thanks to her extensive experience and reliable sense of intuition, the designer reacts quickly to trends and is always up-to-date. She is always on the look-out for trendy designers who fit in with her NEW ONE collections, allowing her to offer customers a select range of fashion creations.


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