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Shopping OLDI.RU – it’s easy, convenient and fast

OLDI is a large retail chain of mixed type: modern, spacious and comfortable electronics stores in Moscow, points issuing orders for the whole of Russia and one of the most popular and best-known online stores in RuNet OLDI.RU.

To be closer to our customers, they are expanding the network of extradition in major Russian cities. Fast delivery, well-established logistics and distribution center for orders of 40 000 m² help us to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of customers from all over the country.


– In stock are always available goods. Do not sell air.
– Always operate the action and special offers.
– You can pay via the online store and shipping.
– Call-center: clock support our customers.
– Only here you can see the items you are interested in, touch his hands on it and get
– a professional and accurate information from our friendly merchants.
– More than 15 000 items of topical products for modern life.
– Services in stores: everything you need – right now: repair, modernization, Internet connection,
professional consulting, software installation, and much more.
– Proper warranty centers, which will help you deal with the problem. We can offer
– fast and efficient warranty products purchased from us, in our own warranty centers.
– Mobile service OLDI: repair and tuning techniques to brain drain to your home or office in Moscow and the Moscow region.
– Convenient delivery “day”: bring order to the door.


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