Onofre.com.br Review

Drugstore Onofre is a network of drugstores which has 47 stores in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and Rio Grande do Sul.

It was the first network in Brazil to market drugs via the Internet and call center, through the Pharmacy service at home, today the current Onofre Home.

Founded in 1934 in the neighborhood Nilópolis (Baixada Fluminense), the Portuguese immigrant Arlindo inaugurated the Pharmacia Onofre and in 1957 changed its name to drugstore Onofre, which is now run by his son Armindo Arede. Portuguese naturalized Brazilian, Arede worked 40 years to give the children two stores, still in operation in central Sao Paulo. Ricardo and Marcos, the newly formed engineering time and right, respectively, realized they had to expand to ensure business continuity.

The drugstore Onofre was the first in the country to offer discounts on medications. In 1970, also broke new ground in the industry to use the system check out, which until then was only used in supermarkets. After nearly three decades, in 1999, Onofre was the first to sell medicines over the Internet, also offering lower market prices, since passed on cost savings generated by remote sales to consumers of Onofre Home we now have nearly 30,000 varieties of products from medicines, cosmetics and others.


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