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Online shop for adults “He and She” – Russia’s largest network of stores for adults. For over 20 years they sell only the best products for a happy sex life.

The first specialty store for adults was opened in Moscow in the department of family counseling on the basis of the medical center “Health and Reproduction,” in 1992. The uniqueness of this project was that of a mass of foreign goods were selected solely those health effects which have been proven. Since 1994, opened offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. At the same time, several projects have been implemented with domestic manufacturers for the co-production of intimate cosmetics and paramedical products. The range of shops is gradually enlarged erotic accessories and specialized literature. In 2004, the idea to combine the offices and begin construction of a national network called “He and She”. Since that time, “He and She” is expanding its presence in Moscow and the regional market. In 2005, opened its first store, “He and She” in St. Petersburg.

Online sex shop products for adults ONON available 24 hours a day. Choose at any time convenient for you any goods or erotic toys from more than a thousand titles from the world’s leading manufacturers represented in the online store for adults OnOna.ru. All products are in stock and ready to ship. Their online store intimate products provides high-quality customer service, fast delivery, low prices and absolute privacy. The main competitive advantages of this online sex shop for adults is a flexible system of discounts and high quality products . For customers subscribing to the newsletter, each month they send unique offers with incredible discounts and gifts. It is always better and more enjoyable to buy gifts for themselves and their loved ones to benefit. On the window of Internet sex shops “He and She” you see only high-quality brands from leading manufacturers of products for sexual life. All products tested for safety and have certificates of quality as the most important for us is the safety and health of our customers.

He and She” – the No. 1 sex shops in Russia, make it, make at least one purchase in their online sex shop erotic goods!


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