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GMM CJ O shopping or O Shopping established June 18, 2555 operates on the TV home shopping. A joint venture between GMM Grammy Public Company Limited and CJ O Shopping, one of its affiliates CJ Group or CJ Corporation , with a business network four areas: Food & Food service bio & Pharma, Homeshopping & Logistic and-Entertainment & Media.

Oh shopping channels, product selection, good product quality. Entry forms focus on providing detailed product information, called Shopfotainment. Four shopping edutainment)from Shopping, informative, Entertainment. To build understanding by recognizing the benefits to consumers are significant, ready to grow into a leading home shopping sustainable side of Thailand to Rio shopping and meet consumer demand for more shopping. original With its products are renowned both domestically and abroad, selected from all over.

With the vision of the channel’s shopping facilities including a Trust (confidence) Value (value) and Happiness (Happy), recognizing the benefits to consumers are significant. Make ready to grow as a leader in the TV home shopping sustainable. And as an assistant in a virtual home. ‘Neighbor you trust’


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