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Myprotein are an online supplement store based in the UK which provide high-quality sports supplements at bargain basement prices. Peruse their range of products, including Impact Whey Protein and Hurricane XS, by heading over to

Myprotein is an online distributor of protein supplements in the UK. Their best selling product – Myprotein Impact Whey Protein – ticks all the boxes. This protein powder is produced using premium grade whey protein concentrate, and as a result delivers a huge 82% protein content. It comes in a variety of great tasting flavours and also mixes into a drink extremely well. At £15.99 for a kilogram, this is outstanding value. By comparison, a 908g tub of Maximuscle Promax Whey Powder has an RRP of £42.99.

ow do Myprotein manage to undercut their competitors by such a large margin? Simple – they are a web-based manufacturer. Myprotein buy in bulk, manufacture in-house and sell directly online. This cuts out the middle-man so savings can be passed onto you. They also package their powders in sachets instead of tubs, which further reduce shipping costs. Other brands such as Maximuscle have massive marketing and sponsorship campaigns and these need to be paid for.

Another advantage of Myprotein is that they supply a full range of products, ranging from creatine and amino acid supplements to training aids such as foam rollers. Their website is very well integrated and you can choose products that will help you achieve your desired goals or increase your performance in a particular sport.

The ‘Your Goals’ section of the website is particularly impressive. You can select from goals such as muscle and size, lean muscle or endurance. Each category then lists a recommended diet, some suggested supplements / products and training tips. It’s all presented very efficiently – you can see exactly what you need to do and the products you should be taking to achieve your goals.


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Quidco, found online at, is a company that offers people a way to make extra money each month with their “smart, simple, and secure way to earn cashback every time you shop.”

According to their website, they are currently helping more than 4 million British citizens get “the value they deserve” on every purchase they make when they shop at one of their 4,000 different partnered retailers.

How Does It Work?
You can sign up at their website for an account and begin shopping right away. You can browse through their available offers or search their site for a specific product you are interested in. Once you find it, you will be brought to the retailer’s website to complete your purchase.

Whenever you complete your purchase at one of their partner retailers through their site, Quidco will receive a commission. Part of this commission is then passed back to you as your cashback.

Cost/Price Plans
A basic Quidco membership is completely free, but Quidco does offer a Premium Membership for 5 pounds of your annual cashback earnings. This membership provides Premium Support, faster paying cashback, no advertisements, and loyalty bonuses.

Customer Service Contact Info
Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team can submit any questions, concerns, or complaints directly to their website through their Contact Us link, through their online Live Chat service, or by using their website to request someone to call you.

Refund Policy
Customers who are unhappy with a product they have purchased must contact the retailer from which they made their purchase. Quidco Premium Members who wish to cancel their account can contact their Customer Service team for more information.


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StackSocial is an online marketplace filled with gadgets, apps, tools and toys. You can find everything from drones to current video games to instructional courses on popular software.

Items and Prices
The site is all about good deals. Every item lists the retail price, and then StackSocial’s sale price. While the retail prices do seem a little high at times, there’s no question good deals are to be had at StackSocial. For instance, they have the DJI Phantom FC40, known as “the world’s number one rated drone,” listed on their site for $499, with a retail value of $649. For smaller items, the deals are usually even greater, sometimes even more than 50% off.

StackSocial states on their site that the reason they are able to offer such great deals is because manufacturers of the items find it beneficial to reach StackSocial’s community of 400,000 geeks, so they’ll lower their prices in order to reach that market.

Items for Sale
There are definitely cool items on StackSocial that can’t be found on other “geek” sites. The drone is on the high end, but there is also a program called Motion Artist, which lets you make your own motion comics. You can also buy PC and Mac games for cheap – The Walking Dead game, including the 400 Days DLC, is only $14.99.

In addition to individual items, StackSocial also offers cool bundles. They have a Mystery Mac Bundle which costs $29 and includes eight video courses to help you become a “Mac power user.” Along those same lines, they also offer a $48 Loot Crate, which features a variety of toys and gadgets related to Batman, Star Wars, Futurama and more. These bundles make fun gifts for yourself or someone else. While you can see the contents when you order, the recipient of the gift, when they first open the Crate, will just see a ton of cool toys.

Items for Free
There are plenty of fun things on StackSocial which don’t even cost a dime. There are two sections: Freebies and Giveaways. The Freebies are usually software, and are available for limited time periods. The giveaways are free entries to contests run by StackSocial. While, obviously, your chances of winning a sweepstakes aren’t great, it certainly doesn’t hurt to enter. Previous prizes included a Playstation 4 bundle and an Xbox One bundle.

Customer Support
The reason complaints are centered around various manufacturers is because, when you purchase something from StackSocial, you’re actually purchasing it from the manufacturer. StackSocial is mainly just discovering the items. Now, when the item is a well known, reliable manufacturer, you’ll probably be fine. For instance, if you buy a digital download of The Witcher 2, you’ll probably be all right, because that’s a huge game sold successfully worldwide.

However, sometimes a small company will suddenly develop a unique geek product, and you do want to make sure that everything’s on the up-and-up. Online reviews and such can help. StackSocial is constantly shuffling through new products. They do make every effort that the products they promote are created by companies you can trust, however. If you do have a problem, they’ll help you out. If a manufacturer gets too many complaints, StackSocial stops doing business with them.

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The Benefits of Online Shopping

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. There are certainly outside factors such as increasing gas prices, difficulty getting to traditional stores and the hassles often associated with shopping in malls and other traditional stores may contribute to the increased interest in online shopping. However, there are also many benefits which make online shopping an excellent option for many busy shoppers. Some of these benefits include convenience, comparison shopping capabilities and express shipping options and this article will discuss each of these benefits in further detail.

The Convenience of Online Shopping

One of the most obvious benefits of online shopping which cannot be overlooked is convenience. One of the most enjoyable conveniences of online shopping which is enjoyed by many is the ability to shop for products or services at a time which is convenient for the consumer. Online retailers accept orders twenty four hours a day while consumers who wish to shop at traditional stores have to be available to visit the store during normal business hours. This can be a major inconvenience especially for shoppers who work long hours or shoppers who work odd hours. Online shopping eliminates this concern because shoppers can simply access online stores from their computer whenever they have free time available.

Another convenience of online shopping is the ability to order products from around the world. Shoppers are no longer limited to products offered by local retailers because the vast majority of online retailers offer shipping to many different locations. This can make it easy for online shoppers to acquire hard to find items or items which are a regional specialty of a particular area.

Comparison Shopping when Online Shopping

Another great benefit of online shopping is the ability to comparison shop easily. Instead of running around to several different traditional stores and trying to remember or write down details such as prices and features, the shopper can simply open two or more browsers to easily compare more than one item. Additionally, there are several websites and online retailers which make comparison shopping even easier. These websites may even provide charts which compare features for similar products to enable the online shopper to make an accurate comparison of two or more items before making a purchase.

Another advantage to comparison shopping online is it gives the consumer the ability to compare items which may not be available in his location. This is important because some items may only be available in certain parts of the country. This can make comparing items difficult for traditional shoppers. However, online shoppers are easily able to make these comparisons and learn more about similar products which helps them to make the best possible decision.

Using Express Shipping Options when Shopping Online

One of the distinct advantages of online shopping is the shipping methods which are available. These options are especially beneficial to online shoppers who are guilty of often waiting until the last minute to purchase items as gifts or items that are necessary for other reasons. For these online shoppers express shipping is one of the most beneficial features. Although the shopper will pay significantly more for express shipping options the shopper will have the advantage of being able to purchase an item the day before it is necessary and have the item delivered directly to the necessary party.

Other beneficial shipping options often include the inclusion of gift receipts as well as gift wrapping options. This is especially important for online shoppers who are interested in sending gifts to friends and family members. This can save the online shopper a great deal of time because they can have the gift shipped directly to the friend or family member as opposed to having the gift shipped to themselves first and then having to wrap the gift and re-ship it to the recipient. The ability to send gift receipts are also important because it enables the recipient of the gift to return or exchange the item but does not divulge the price paid for the gift.

Placing an Order When Online Shopping

Online shoppers have a variety of options available to them for placing an order. Online shopping is already rather convenient for a number of reasons including convenience and the ability to shop for items from retailers around the world. The ability to place orders in a variety of different ways makes online shopping eve more desirable for some consumers. This article will discuss some of the options available for placing an order when online shopping including using the website to place the order, calling customer service to place the order and faxing or mailing orders.

Placing Orders through the Website

One of the most popular options for placing orders when online shopping is to place the orders directly through the online retailer’s website. In most cases online retailers offer the ability to add items to a virtual shopping cart while browsing through the available items offered for sale. After the consumer is done shopping he can review the contents of his shopping cart and add, subtract or modify the contents of the shopping cart as necessary before proceeding to the checkout process of the online shopping experience. During the checkout process the consumer provides information such as credit card information and billing address as well as the address to which the consumer would like the items shipped. The online shopper can choose to have the item shipped to himself or to others. Although shopping online is generally considered to be safe, consumers should verify the website is being made through a secure server which will protect sensitive information. One way to do this is to look at the website address. Secure websites start with https:// while websites which are not secure start with http://.

Calling Customer Service to Place an Order

Online shoppers may browse for items online but may decide to purchase items by calling a customer service representative instead of placing the order online. Customers may choose this option for a number of different reasons. Some online retailers may not have an option for completing the purchase online or these features may not be functioning correctly and in these cases the shopper will likely place the order over the phone. However, there are situations in which a consumer may opt to call customer service to place the order even when it is possible to do so online. This may include situations in which the order is particularly complex or situations in which the consumer has questions he would like answered before placing an order. Online shoppers who make a purchase this way should have all of the necessary information available before contacting customer service. This information includes the product number, billing information and shipping information.

Faxing or Mailing Orders

Online shoppers can also place orders by faxing or mailing the order to the online retailer. The consumer may browse for items online and even print the order form from the online retailer’s website. Although this is not the most common method of online shopping there are some consumers who still use this method. One of the examples to using this method is the ability to pay for an order with a check instead of a credit card. A credit card will likely be required for orders placed online or with a customer service representative. Customers who fax or mail an order form may have the option of using a credit card to pay for the order but may also have the option of using a check as well. This is ideal for online shoppers who either do not have a credit card or do not want to charge items to a credit card. Although there are some advantages to this method of placing an order from an online retailer there is one major disadvantage to this method. This disadvantage is the order may take longer to process than it would through other methods. When a customer places an order through a website or on the phone the order is typically processed instantly. However, when the consumer mails the order form it may take a few days to arrive and then may require extra time for processing. Even orders which are faxed in may not be processed immediately despite arriving quickly.