Many advantages in buying discounts are great and the best yet, here are some of the brands that this site works:

• Dumond
• Capodarte
• Ramarim
• Desmond
• Lara Costa
• Via Marte
• Mizuno
• Vizzano
• Nike
• Adidas

The best-selling brands and more searches, you only find on this site. Know that it is not only with shoes that site work, but with clothes and accessories, both female and male, and children also have. A complete site, the Walkway Shoes is one of the best e-commerce to buy shoes and other products over the internet, anyone who has bought know how safe it is and how the product arrives quickly in our home safely also. between sites is that you always have the best prices.


Entering the site you can see all promotions Walkway Shoes , so do not miss any for anything worth really, especially since this site is known throughout Brazil, has a call center always ready to meet all customers and take any questions. Be sure to enter the site and do their shopping as soon as possible, because the prices are really interesting fact for you to save, whether shopping for you, but also for someone special.


  • The site has security certificate – The reliable seal allows virtual stores receive data from customers safely.
  • They use Paypal as payment – Paypal is the world’s security gateway. It allows your customers to buy safely, and a maximum of up to 45 days to get the shopping done it.
  • There are contact numbers in Footer – Contact Phones shows the visitor that the store is willing to receive contact the customer by phone and shows how seriously the consumer.
  • They have physical stores in the cities of: American, Araraquara, Campinas, Hortolândia, Itu, Indaiatuba, Jundiaí, Limeira, Piracicaba, Ribeirao Preto and Sorocaba.
  • Social Networking – Social networks today are very important for online retailers. They have pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. In addition to having blogs to the store.


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