The Peixe Urbano is the first and largest e-commerce site in Brazil. With over 25 million registered users and thousands of dining, entertainment, aesthetics, tourism and products, its mission is to help people to explore what is best in each city, assisting local businesses to grow their businesses.

Over the years, the Urban Fish is evolving its business model by simplifying and improving the user experience, but always maintaining the same mission. Today, the company serves as a huge “shopping deals”, where consumers can easily find what you want, when you want and where you are, through the website or our mobile application.

Using geolocation technology, as well as filters for interest and customization tools, navigation and search, users can find what they want among the thousands of offerings in the air and make the most of their cities. Today, much of our local offerings are already in the format “use now,” meaning that the user can choose, buy and use the coupon right away, without having to schedule or show the printed coupon – everything can be done by phone with a few taps.

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