Peoplum is a variation on the word “people” borrowed from anliyskogo language oboznacheyuschego in Russian “people”. Since the end is changed on the indication of subject matter related to humans. Not only is our invention to be interesting, but also shows you exactly what was going on the floor – they work for you!

So, Peoplum is an online store, breaking stereotypes about everyday image, designed to meet the needs of people who want to look original and special.

They are sure that many of you are choosing clothes, shoes and accessories, in the soul of regret that this or that item of your wardrobe might be a little bolder, a little individuality and modernity. Eradicate consumer conservatism, get creative!

Their task was to create a store with original things first American brands. Over time, the situation has changed and we started to find things no less quality in Russia and Korea.

They want to break the myth of the monotony and open the doors to a world of originality, elegance and quality. You can choose something that will not only comply with public morality, but also to please you every day.

Professional advice and support service for impartial advice and recommendations are included in the cost of goods.

They are open to all forms of cooperation, provides retail and wholesale dealers on the Rights of the direct and exclusive representatives of the companies: of The Mountain , the Liquid the Blue , of Black Market , The Rebel Spirit , Hardnox , the Wrangler and many other brands.

For wholesale customers they guarantee the availability of goods in stock, renewal of assortment, delivery of new collections, work on individual orders – will take into account all your wishes and whims. Your business should be growing and promising, and they will help you with this.


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