Review gives you the opportunity to buy skin care products known manufacturers Vichy, La Roche Posay and Inneov. All Cosmetics certified. Always available for the entire product catalog. A wide range of funds meets all the physiological needs of the skin of an adult and a child.

Vichy Cosmetics is one of the most popular brands in Russia and in the world. VICHY brand represented in 64 countries around the world. Cosmetics Vichy consists of a series (scale) of therapeutic agents to combat the appearance of early wrinkles, skin problems, hair loss, dandruff, cellulite. Cosmetics of brand Vichy from inception is the glory of the brand, which is based on scientific development, to create unique components and integral means. But the real miracle is a natural component that is included in almost all creams, masks, gels, scrubs and so on – it’s mineral water from a source in the city that gave its name to the company, Vichy. Product Vichy constantly mentions the name of the component as one of the basic, without which the operation of any active agent would not have such a force, a force gives a truly ancient history of the source.

Studies have shown that the cosmetics vichy with the water, which is saturated by the way almost from the very center of the planet, all the glorious ingredients as oligo elementv and rare minerals, gets truly unique quality. Cosmetics Vichy time can soothe the skin and saturate it with reinforcements, to treat and securely maintain your health. One of the most important components of the brand is the thermal water Vichy (Thermal water Vichy). The most famous is the series VICHY:

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