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The publishing house “Peter” was founded in 1991.

Currently, “Peter” is the largest publishing house in Russia, specializing in the production of high-quality books for those who want to learn something, or reach new heights of excellence, the market leader in the professional literature.

Economy and finance, management and marketing, history, psychology, medicine, computer and multimedia technology – publishing house “Piter” covers all information flows, determine the development of society and the housekeeper.

Books published the first places in the rankings and Russian bookstores have numerous prizes and awards.

The site piter.com you can buy e-books Publishing Peter. The books are available in electronic format on the product page has a special button.After adding books in the basket, make sure that the selected e-book (next to the name should be the word “Digital”). Go to registration. After you pay for the order to your email will alert successful payment. This notification will be links to all the e-books that you have ordered.

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