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Pompa is the online store of women’s clothing!

Women’s Clothing- A reflection of the mood of any lady. In any situation, any day of the fair sex want to look not only suitable circumstances and stunning! Therefore wardrobe should be filled with different but perfectly compatible with each other images

Pompa is aunique design and design fashions and only the best fabrics of European manufacturers. They own production of high-tech plant and only a qualified seamstress. Pompa is a federal network of shops with offers design, comfortable dressing room and most smiley consultants are well versed in fashion. They retail and franchising 21 on the market, 40 regions, 80 retailers, 1000 satisfied shoppers daily, 1 million products -sales.

Brand Pompa every year pleases women change the four collections. The top group of more than 250 models of coats of high quality woolen fabrics (3 lines: premium series VLR, Pompa and coats in the style of casual iCoat). In light group every year more than 600 models (jackets, dresses, pants, skirts, blouses).

Payment Method

You have the following payment methods:
cash couriers
cashless payments
electronic payment (payment online by credit card, mobile payments, e-money)
credit purchase
Cash payment

Cashless payments: Select this, and your order will automatically be generated through which you can print and pay in any convenient to you bank at a convenient time. Note: the order will be sent to you only after the funds will be credited to our account by the bank.

Electronic payment (online payment via website): You can pay by credit card or any other way convenient for you (options shown in the picture below) using the system “RFI Bank.” To this end, during the formation of the order, select “On-line payment” and then on the page system “RFI Bank” for you to choose the most convenient method of payment.


Shipping with the fitting (payable at the rate)
A convenient option for those who have the time and the place to try on clothes at the messenger – he certainly will wait patiently for you in 15 minutes.

Delivery with fitting – paid service, the cost of it is listed below. By the way, if you allow, the courier (they are almost all – men) will be able to evaluate by how much you are talking one or the other thing. Please note that courier services operate on weekdays, from 10 am to 18 pm local time.

Delivery without trying (free)
Great option for those who do not have time during the day (courier services deliver orders on weekdays, from 10 to 18 hours), or who exactly sure chose the right size.

You are buying out the order, without opening the package, and immediately let go of the carrier. If something you do not come, will come back later (see. Section “Exchange & Returns”). But you will have as much as two weeks to calm everything and try to consult with family and friends!

Delivery is free of charge without trying, provided that the order amount is greater than 5 000.


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