Preta is a unique online store for women with a range of more than 50 000 items. They collected a lot of that on a regular basis need to girls and women! They try to find the most useful and beautiful. Please yourself what’s new cosmetics and perfumes, buy useful for homes and farms, to choose a gift from akusessuarov and decorations you can quickly, conveniently, and not expensive.

Daily Preta goes over 12ti shares with new trade deals and discounts several different product groups. Shipping cost us the minimum and often rallies with beplatnoy delivery. They value every customer, and always try to meet clients.

Shipping and Delivery

They deliver all the goods without prepayment and no minimum order amount. We deliver parcels throughout Ukraine.

Delivery time is 5 – 7 working days after ordering. We do our best to execute the order as soon as possible. They do not store all the goods at the warehouse, so sometimes they are waiting for deliveries of goods.


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