Quemdisseberenice.com.br Review

Every girl need to pamper by having new cosmetics, right?

Quemdisseberenice.com.br is here to offer you different cosmetics at affordable prices. The best thing here is you can easily check their best seller and top seller products at their homepage.

Find yourself:
– Makeup
– Perfumery
– Body and bath
– Accessories

Shipping & Delivery
Don’t doubt about their deliveries because their team travels to all corners of the country. So just wait and relax.

If you want to follow your step your order just enter your password link on my requests. Although they treat all requests with all the attention and care, can happen in any order get lost along the way. If this happens to you give a ligadinha to us on phone 0800 726 6482 to warn the delay in delivery.

The delivery starts counting on the business day following their purchase, with payment requests and validated up to 13 hours. They need to confirm all the data you entered in the time of purchase. And if you’re not at home is always good to have one member of the family or even the doorman of building ready to receive your order at your address.

Return Policy
The process is super simple and works like this:
1. Gives a ligadinha for them in sac talk to who said, berenice? and account for it is willing to exchange your product;
2. They collect the product in your home and take it back to their distribution center;
3. They take a peek at all the products back to their distribution center;
4. After that, if that’s right, they send a coupon exchange for you to choose a product that is your face!

Note: The validity of their valley exchange is 90 days. Its value will be equal to what you paid for your product. You can buy whatever you want: cheaper or more expensive products but do not forget: the value of the voucher must be used at once.

To exchange products with greater value than its worth exchange, you will only pay the excess amount. The return of the product does not guarantee the return. After sending an analysis is made to assess the conditions of the product and validate the possibility of exchange

Now are you ready to make up your day? Hurry and visit Quemdisseberenice.com.br below!


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