re: Store is not just a shop, but also a service center, a place where you can come to consult, select the appropriate device, where you will learn to use it, give advice on the operation and show the possibility that you have purchased.

re: Store is a company that specializes in the production of one company, the company worthy of special attention and conversation – Apple. They sell only the official version of the firmware from the Russian legal, which saves customers a lot of problems. Their sales are specialists in their field. A high-quality, convenient, easy to use technology from Apple gives pleasure to its users and rarely require any technical support.

Sells computers, keyboards, mice, monitors, players, phones and much more at prices consistent with the policies of manufacturing companies. They work to make you comfortable. Apple technology sales centers located throughout Russia. You can come to familiarize themselves with a particular device. They have provided and offers through the Internet. How to buy – the choice is yours!


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