In the testing phase for some time to Natura starts to disclose officially its newest way of selling products , theNatura , one e-commerce which in principle can seem like a shop but is not common.

In operation, for now, only in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas , Natura customers now have the facilities of the Internet as online payment and ultra-fast delivery held directly by the company, but without giving up the personalized service of a consultant .

It works like this: the customer enters the store, sign-up, select the products you want to buy and then choose a consultant of their choice, if it is not one, can, by their status, find tips that will own site.

Currently, as part of the relationship of contemporary society goes through digital technologies and social networks, the brand could not ignore this space and thus expand its operations. For consultants it opens up a new possibility of choice for activity face can now be performed digitally or in both formats.

They have fast delivery and all packed in a craft paper box. On purchases above R $ 99.00 the shipping is free and surf the web store is worth, since there are always special offers and interesting super discounts.

Another novelty is the Natura + Fashion + Home that brings other brands and product categories to complement the well-being and of their customers. Natura + initiative, still in pilot format, brings together fashion and decoration products for sale online . The initiative brings creative and original parts, carefully selected, made ​​by designers, designers, artists and entrepreneurs who create and produce high quality products with aesthetic accurate and ethical view. On the site you can find brands like Notiluca wooden glasses, Verve, special lingerie, Vert, shoes, Maria Oiticica, designer whose raw material comes from Manaus, among other artists.


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