Passion for business. It was with this recipe that Mr. Alfredo Salfer inaugurated in 1958 the first store with the family name, located in a busy store Joinville / SC, which would be an important milestone for the country’s south retail. The Claudius and Clayton Salfer children soon followed his father’s footsteps and learned the art of selling furniture and appliances.

Growth remained strong and solid in 2001 already with the network from 20 stores was inevitable inaugurate a distribution center with over 12,000 square meters, which would support the growth of the following years to come. Also in the same year the network expands its geography opening the first store in Paraná.

In the following years the Salfer achieved important steps in 2006 as the beginning of Salfer model More, virtual stores that cater cities with up to 30,000 inhabitants, and in 2007 the e-commerce implementation, making it possible to reach a new consumer.

With commitment and determination in 2010 plus a distribution center was opened and even bigger than the first, so the Salfer spent its 50 years of foundation keeping the tradition with a “what” of modernity, following the development of the market without losing pride to belong to one of the largest retail networks in southern Brazil.

In 2012, already more than 160 stores in two states, more than 2,500 employees and more than 3.5 million customers, Salfer opens their way to further growth, with the association Sales Machine joins the giants Brazil, becomes part of a network of 1,100 stores and 30,000 employees, representing the South Sales Machine a new era of challenges and overcome to be seen the only way possible:. passionate about this business.


Computer Accessories, Air and Ventilation, audio, babies, Beauty and health, Toys, footwear, Bed, Bath and Table, Cameras and Camcorders, House and Tools, Cell phones and, mattresses, Home appliances, Appliances, Sports and leisure, Games, Computing, Musical instruments, Bags, Backpacks and Bags, Furniture, Perfumery and Cosmetics, fishery, watches, Supplements and Vitamins, tablets, TV and Video, Housewares


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