Sharecare is the complete health and wellness platform empowering people to take control of their health by leveraging data to connect users with personalized resources, including high-quality information from experts, clinical decision support tools, interactive programs and local healthcare providers.

“The goal, ultimately, is that because of a lot of the Sharecare tools, members will access this portal pretty frequently — maybe as frequently as every time they use their cellphone,” Dr. Rene Lerer, president of Guidewell, told MobiHealthNews. “That ability to connect to the patient is pretty unique. [So now if I know] you didn’t pay your premium this month and I know that you’re going to be checking this portal, I have a great tool to get that information to you. Or that you didn’t fill your prescription or we don’t think you’re taking your meds because you filled the 30-day prescription 45 days ago.”


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