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They began working in the only business they knew – the meat business. After employment in several markets in Omaha, they founded their own company in 1917. B.A. bought a building in downtown Omaha called, “Table Supply Company.” He moved a cooler and a freezer into the building and on the front sign he moved the “CO” of company over to the right and inserted the word “Meat.” Hence, the first name of the company, “Table Supply Meat Company.”

From the very beginning, they were dedicated to processing and selling tender, flavorful, grain-fed beef to restaurants and grocers in the Omaha area. As the business grew, the company engaged in a small, but efficient, cattle-breaking operation. Here a small crew cut full cattle carcasses into uniform, primal and fabricated cuts for local supermarkets and national chain grocery stores, as well as discerning hotel, restaurant and institutional customers.


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