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Shop24 – a unique online shop sales. The range of shops is extremely rich – on its virtual shelves, customers can find clothes and shoes, accessories, household goods, textiles and decor. This online store has been operating for more than five years, and every year the number of his clients increases. Shop24 offers to purchase a variety of goods from world-known European directories, such as 3 Suisses, WENZ, OTTO, KliNGEL. Shop24 advantage that the products displayed on the site are in stock at the warehouses in Moscow, which means that customers do not have to wait for the delivery of an order from abroad. In addition to products from European catalogs, the store also sells products well-known European brands. The range of shops is updated several times a week.

The main advantage of Shop24 ru – is the uniqueness of all the exhibited items of clothing on sale, as well as blankets and capes. This is due to the fact that the goods online store re commercially available, usually in a single copy;
not just a “match”, but are “quality standards”.

Shop24 stands out from all other similar shops that offer unique discounts. It’s hard to believe, but the minimum discount for all groups of goods is 30%, and

Delivery of goods is carried out across the country by courier or mail. Shop24 cooperates only with reliable courier services, so customers can not worry about th that the ordered goods will be damaged on the way. Customers can pay by cash or bank transfer. If the ordered goods have not approached by any parameters, the buyer has the ability to return or exchange it within 21 days from receipt of order.

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