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United Daily News always uphold the “honest, innovative, caring” concept, to provide the most professional, most diverse news and information to the global Chinese. After six decades, the United Daily News is not only limited to daily news service (United Daily News), but also to become everyone’s life the most indispensable partner (You Do Need it).

NEWS combination of North, East, West and South prefix from the four English words, that contains new information east, west, south, and north from the pooled from all directions. In the past, people to shopping, must Taitung City, West City had to take a trip, “shopping”, the word “north-south goods” arises; “to buy things,” English is Shopping. Therefore, udn news is allows you to see the new information from the truck, “udn shopping, udn shopping” is for your search best platform for fresh goods north and south; also represents “udn buy things,” build “new, fresh novelty “platform characteristics.

You can choose your product in their different categories:

Beauty Care, Fashion, Fine watches, Shoes, Bags, Accessories, NB / PC, Consumer Electronics, Small household appliances, Furniture, bedding, Home life, Women Baby Products, Good food is still, Entertainment and leisure reading, Fast arrival, Brand museum professionals


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