Review is a website devoted to computer games and console, created by players and for players. Since 2007, the company runs an online store games and consoles, which at the moment is the biggest Polish online store offering this type of product range. They have been trusted more than 250 000 customers.

The company Sp. z oo is a listed company Action SA, one of the largest Polish distributors of computer equipment. They are also a member of the Association of Producers and Distributors of entertainment software. This ensures the order and security of transactions.

Customers can be confident that purchased their games and consoles will reach them in the shortest possible time. In addition – as the only company in our country, most of the Prime Minister send a few days before the official release date. As a result, while others are still waiting for their games, you can now enjoy your contract and do what you love – play!

Thanks to the ongoing cooperation with game developers and equipment from around the world, in offer are games for all platforms – including exclusive collector’s editions. They regularly organize promotions, so you always have the most recent offer in the most attractive prices.

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