Review is a website which calls itself “India’s largest online marketplace” and offers a wide variety of products and special deals to many different cities and towns across the country.

According to their website, they carry over 3,000 brands, and have over 250,000 listed products in over 200 different categories, which they can ship to over 4,000 towns and cities throughout India.

In addition, since they were established in early 2010, they have grown to feature over 50,000 merchants, have over 18 million registered users, and sell over 25,000 units per day in categories like Electronics, Fashion Accessories, Apparel and Footwear, Automotive, and more.

If you order a product from that is damaged or you are unsatisfied with, you can exchange it. If the company cannot provide you with a replacement product, they will offer you a refund, either by check or a credit to your payment method if you paid by a credit card or debit card.

You can also choose to receive SD Cash as your credit. This is credit that you can apply to future purchases you make on the site, including toward their deals. These are purchases which are not products, but which are coupons for restaurants, entertainment, and salons or spas.

If the product you order has problems after you’ve owned it for awhile, you must check the warranty of your individual product from the specific vendor from which you have ordered.

Merchants who are interested in selling their products on can do so very easily. Vendors simply need to register for a free account with the website in order to list their items.

The website promises that there is no fee to pay simply for listing products on their site. Instead, merchants must pay a small commission on each item they sell through their online marketplace.


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