StackSocial is an online marketplace filled with gadgets, apps, tools and toys. You can find everything from drones to current video games to instructional courses on popular software.

Items and Prices
The site is all about good deals. Every item lists the retail price, and then StackSocial’s sale price. While the retail prices do seem a little high at times, there’s no question good deals are to be had at StackSocial. For instance, they have the DJI Phantom FC40, known as “the world’s number one rated drone,” listed on their site for $499, with a retail value of $649. For smaller items, the deals are usually even greater, sometimes even more than 50% off.

StackSocial states on their site that the reason they are able to offer such great deals is because manufacturers of the items find it beneficial to reach StackSocial’s community of 400,000 geeks, so they’ll lower their prices in order to reach that market.

Items for Sale
There are definitely cool items on StackSocial that can’t be found on other “geek” sites. The drone is on the high end, but there is also a program called Motion Artist, which lets you make your own motion comics. You can also buy PC and Mac games for cheap – The Walking Dead game, including the 400 Days DLC, is only $14.99.

In addition to individual items, StackSocial also offers cool bundles. They have a Mystery Mac Bundle which costs $29 and includes eight video courses to help you become a “Mac power user.” Along those same lines, they also offer a $48 Loot Crate, which features a variety of toys and gadgets related to Batman, Star Wars, Futurama and more. These bundles make fun gifts for yourself or someone else. While you can see the contents when you order, the recipient of the gift, when they first open the Crate, will just see a ton of cool toys.

Items for Free
There are plenty of fun things on StackSocial which don’t even cost a dime. There are two sections: Freebies and Giveaways. The Freebies are usually software, and are available for limited time periods. The giveaways are free entries to contests run by StackSocial. While, obviously, your chances of winning a sweepstakes aren’t great, it certainly doesn’t hurt to enter. Previous prizes included a Playstation 4 bundle and an Xbox One bundle.

Customer Support
The reason complaints are centered around various manufacturers is because, when you purchase something from StackSocial, you’re actually purchasing it from the manufacturer. StackSocial is mainly just discovering the items. Now, when the item is a well known, reliable manufacturer, you’ll probably be fine. For instance, if you buy a digital download of The Witcher 2, you’ll probably be all right, because that’s a huge game sold successfully worldwide.

However, sometimes a small company will suddenly develop a unique geek product, and you do want to make sure that everything’s on the up-and-up. Online reviews and such can help. StackSocial is constantly shuffling through new products. They do make every effort that the products they promote are created by companies you can trust, however. If you do have a problem, they’ll help you out. If a manufacturer gets too many complaints, StackSocial stops doing business with them.

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