Exploration of unknown terrains. Difficult neighbors to deal with. Resources to explore and mine. All of this makes up our new StarColony project. It is a browser online strategy in real time where you can try on the costume of an intergalactic pilgrim and enter the battle on humans’ side, controlling vast numbers of troops and expanding your dominion onto different planets.

At the very beginning of your way, all you have is a handful of faithful units and a patch of land on planet Terra Sperata. In order to survive natural selection and to top the list of the strongest, you will need to turn a tiny settlement into a powerful military base. There you will mine resources required for further expansion. You will also defend it against intrusion of other colonizers and aggressive aliens. You will use it as a platform for pillaging your neighbors. The sci-fi feature with Bugs, Ancients and walking robots discovers gameplay in a new refreshing way. Besiege other players and fend off their attacks! And always discover something new!


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