The Strammer Max compression shirt is designed according to highest quality standards. Whether during intense actvity, leisure time or under business wear- Combining our special design and modern high- tech fibers enhances an athletic look, ensures breathability and keeps you cool and dry at the same time. The perfect interaction of wearing comfort and function. Strammer Max is the market leader for high-quality compression wear

The SPORTS LINE SOCKS are compression stockings designed especially for better sports performance. Targeted compression supports blood circulation in the leg, thus ensuring more stamina and faster regeneration.

The CLASSIC LINE SOCKS features compression stockings designed in an elegant, classic style, both for air travel and long periods of standing or sitting. These also support the compression of blood circulation, thus preventing leg fatigue.

The high quality fibers of STRAMMER MAX Socks are breathable, antibacterial and guarantee a comfortable fit.

As stated earlier, the product is breathable and this helps you remain cool all the time. In addition to that, the antibacterial nature of the fabric keeps away the body odor even after an intense workout.

In all, you get a product, which helps you shape your body, burn fat, and a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Customer reviews make them a good deal and if you want to look good, this is a must try.


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