That the group wants to continue its success in the retail space in different sectors in 1990 devanlay partnership with world-renowned French devanlay Group – the Textile Industry and Trade Corporation has established the year. The company, while the licensed production of Lacoste products, founded the same year-De Marketing Inc. if it began the distribution of these products. Which provides that the retail lay the foundation of this cooperation, but also in the sector is considered as the beginning of a new era.

Eren Retail, popular watch brand in 2000 and has continued to progress in the retail sector by signing a distribution agreement with Swatch. In 2005, the world of fashion giant Burberry brand ‘s also add to that, in 2012, taking the annual G-Star Raw and continued to Gant’s distribution rights associated with global brands. Again in 2012, an important decision SuperStep chain of multi-brand footwear to realize the concept of the Retail, the consumer has a global brand to offer the ease of access under the same roof. With famous American brand Nautica in 2013 agreed Eren, today’s brand Russia carries out the operations in Ukraine and CIS countries. In addition, while the outlet concept called Occasion where the series end product brands within the retail store are also available.

Today, 23 years experience, 300 stores and 14 who are in the country with over 500 retail outlets; It continues to invest in and steady progress in the sector.


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