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Terrific.de was founded in 2000 as a sports portal of Steffi Graf (dt. tennis player) and has now 8 years in the outdoor area at home. “Terrific” is the way English and means as much as grandiose, excellent or quite simply great. According to legend, this is the utterance of the company’s founders have been when you had the idea for a sports shop on the Internet. Meanwhile, since more than 10 years, they operate their outdoor store in Dusseldorf. In the middle of downtown, they gladly advise you personally. That in addition to the online store, a retail store will be built in downtown Düsseldorf once, the founder of terrific.de would certainly not have thought.

For over 12 years is terrific.de the outfitter for outdoor, cycling and leisure. For your sporting tours, whether by bike or on foot, they have in our online shop the right equipment for you. This also optically adjusts the outdoor equipment in the city is self-No climate is foreign to us, not a place for us too far. Always right for your adventures in nature. By this you can discover even that the men’s outdoor clothing has a very important place in our assortment. Hardly anyone has such a wide range for all layers of clothing: underwear, mid layer, jackets for ladies and gentlemen and pants you can find easily in our online shop. We are a bit proud that you really can sort through thousands products here the optimal garment. We are happy to help you define!

In addition, of course you can find all the accessories for your great expedition or your little trip of it: quality backpacks, cheap sleeping bags, waterproof tents, and all the kitchen accessories outdoors. Top brands such as The North Face, mammoth or Jack Wolfskin are represented with us with the best of outdoor clothing and trekking equipment. Whether hiking boots, raincoat or the matching sport socks, in terrific.de Store any nature lover will find it.

But not only for those who are traveling as walkers, they have something to offer: For lovers of cycling there’s a huge selection of clothing and the necessary tools for the bikes, such as panniers, bike backpacks or drinking systems in the shop..

For the friends who are looking for reduced brand products, we also have a nice wide selection of cheap deals. Service is inherent to everything they do: They help you with our advice to the right product, so you are not standing in the rain, when it matters most. And afterwards they are looking for your questions because, when it comes to care anything else goes, repair, or replacement parts or warranty.


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