Lifestyle readers have the world at their fingertips. The Internet will lead them anywhere they choose. But ultimately, they all want the same thing – to keep up with the news and views around them, and what affects them every day.

How does fit in? Their portal is designed to be sharp, crisp, smart and uncomplicated, and our editorial content developed for a worldly set that’s invested in both a Malaysian and a global perspective on all things lifestyle.

With Star2 as a lead-in, their online editors and curators will present to you a broad sampling of what’s going on in our community and the world. And they’ll feature plenty of “water cooler articles” – stories to get you talking over coffee breaks and dinner conversations. will also tell its stories in ways that print can’t. Whereas Star2 makes readers think, will make them feel as they endeavour to present their stories through sights, sounds and emotions, by adding an empathic and interactive layer to each feature.

And though reader attention spans have turned some editorial content into snack-bite articles, and journalists into “speak slowly and talk loudly” writers, will embrace a warmer, more organic language style, one with wit, charm, humour and strength.


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