Jewelry is TOUS’s core business. Thanks to its success, in the late 20th century the company began to diversify its portfolio to offer a wide range of accessories, including handbags, fragrances, watches, glasses and accessories. The jewelry sets the pace of the other product lines, and under the watchful supervision of the company’s art director, the jewelry inspiration is always conveyed to all the other product categories.

TOUS’s origins are in jewelry. TOUS uses fine metals and precious stones, as well as new materials and techniques such as titanium, silicon, hydrothermal gemstones, vermeil (gold-plated silver) and bi-laminate (silver with a lamination of gold) to create unique pieces that fit in with today’s most daring trends.

Since its expansion, the company manufacturing technics have evolved to combine traditional handcraft ship with the latest technologies in order to supply its stores around the world.

In 2000, TOUS decided to include in its portfolio a collection of bags, which today account for around 20% of the business in its stores. To create them, the company uses the best materials and leathers to ensure the highest-quality finishes. TOUS bags stand out for their craftsmanship and design. Its classics include the “Rose” and “Kaos” models. In 2002, TOUS launched its first fragrance, TOUS Eau de Toilette. Each fragrance has a unique market positioning to captivate the brands diverse customers profiles.

Salvador Tous was a watchmaker by trade. Hence, TOUS watch line is in the brand’s DNA. The TOUS range of watches is extremely broad to accommodate a public with wide variety of tastes. It encompasses collections of timeless pieces which are built using cutting-edge technology, as well as a range of contemporary pieces aligned with the latest trends.

The TOUS accessory collection breathes the brand’s creative concept each season. It encompasses everything from silk and wool scarves to ties, writing kits, key rings and gadgets, which join the world of affordable luxury. The collection of children’s accessories and fabric products is gaining more and more fans.

Children have always been very important for TOUS since they provide a tender feeling strongly rooted in the brand. Baby Tous inspires those unique, special moments in life. The singular relationship between a mother and her baby: tenderness, emotion, affection and gentleness. A complete collection of clothing and accessories for babies, girls and boys, characterized by the quality of their fabrics and attention to detail.


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