Ulmart.ru Review

Yulmart is the leading online retailer of the new generation of Russian. Thanks to the progressive infrastructure and modern software they managed to become the most successful online retailer of the country.

In just seven years, from a small online store specializing in the sale of computer equipment and accessories, has become a multi-functional commercial web site of the federal scale.

Now ulmart.ru is new generation of Internet-based platform, which presents a wide range of products – about 120 thousand SKU: from the ultra-modern ultrabooks, smart phones and household appliances to car tires, motor oil, children’s goods and goods for the home. Yulmart has more than 400 offices (order fulfillment centers and points of issue Outpost Yulmart orders) of more than two hundred cities in Russia.

They guarantee our clients a wide range of high quality, prompt delivery and excellent service. Buyer Yulmart is the main decision-maker as to where and when to buy and receive your order.

You can place an order on the website and order-to-door delivery at a convenient time, or to the nearest point of issue Yulmart Outpost. In addition, the buyer can visit the clock order fulfillment center, making a purchase via the terminal and get it for a record 15 minutes.

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