Umnitsa is the developer of the best in the Russian program for the development of children from birth at home, in the family. Many people have asked how they manage to develop such high-quality and effective programs. The secret is simple – the whole company, all of their employees work every day to make the world a happier place. They develop just such a technique by which they want to engage with their children themselves. And happy to do!

The company “Clever Girl” – is an expert in early child development. Since 1999, they are developing a comprehensive program for the development of intelligence from the cradle. Over the years, more than 300,000 parents have started to engage with the kids, developing their natural abilities and getting enormous pleasure from it.

You came to this site because you want the best for their baby. Would you like to see him smart, knowledgeable and happy person. And it’s the right choice! Visit their page now!


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