Because every sale is an event where only registered members can purchase (entirely free registration), which develops over time determined in a perfectly organized, free from distraction, where each brand has its own space and a customized design according to your corporate environment.

They specialize in selling clothing, footwear, fashion, computers, technology and other objects of famous brands at incredible prices: from 30% to 70% discount from the price of sale in stores. A unique opportunity to get excellent products, proposed specific campaigns, using a sales model known as shopping club, in a secure environment and with all the guarantees that only offer.

If you choose to be a member of receive preferential treatment and can access all our deals through the website. Moreover, you can get bonuses by inviting friends to join this exclusive club. For every friend that you register and make your first purchase with its recommendation, you will receive a bonus of $ 10 (ten pesos) for use in the form of discounts on future purchases. Registration is free and does not involve any commitment on your part.

Each sale is a unique event Every day members will receive an e-mail informing the publication of each brand. From opening day of the sale, each member can purchase items directly online from their favorite brands in a highly organized and secure environment. Sales last an average of 7 days.

Make your purchases in a secure environment Once you have decided to make a purchase on site, you can pay through various means that will be proposed. Our site has been set based on the highest security standards currently available in the world. In turn, the company is registered in the National Protection Program database coordinated by the Ministry of Justice nation , ensuring that your data is protected and in no case be transferred to third parties. Payment methods currently accepted :

American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Cabal, Orange Card, Argencard, Cencosud


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