WeMakePrice.com Review

Wemakeprice the Republic of Korea’s social commerce is a web site. The site opened early in the names above make price but (Wemakeprice), 2013 nyeon 2 wol 19 il operators of wood Internet Ltd. and changed its name to wemakeprice The abbreviated name of the official site wemakeprice was changed to. 2013 nyeon 11 wol 28 il, wemakeprice coffee franchise ‘W Cafe announced a full-fledged business. Open Company sequential coffee merchant is located two locations in Gangnam and Samseong Station and plans to operate a total of three stores primarily within the head office to open an office building with a new building near completion.

The site is famous for cutting deals with big name brands on a large scale; their past deals include Everland, Lotteria, Levi’s, and Krispy Kreme to name a few. We Make Price also has a sister site “Private Lounge” which is exclusively for discounted fashion items.


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