Yakaboo.ua Review

Did you know that the books reduce stress by more than 70%? It is proved that while reading one forgets about the problems and relax.

Yakaboo.ua is the largest in Ukraine online store selling books. At online showcase features more than 400 thousand. SKU. They have never worked with pirated or counterfeit products. Courier service provides a unique service to the date of delivery of orders to customers’ day-to-day “at predetermined time intervals (for Kiev). Logistic partners are helping them to serve customers in all regions of Ukraine.

The online bookstore Yakaboo has over 100,000 publications of any genre, not only do they make an interesting partner, but will open a lot of new things and get rid of stress. In addition, they have a whole section of games, literature and other products for children, helping in the development, education and child care.

Books, CDs with movies, music, games, or products for children can be a great surprise for the family, but in gift shop you can find many other types of products. After all, you love to buy a present, wishing to carry out a secret dream of a loved one, and the range will help in this. They can decorate not only your holiday but also leisure! Connect the romance of travel and comfort at home – simple. With convenient tents, comfortable furniture for a picnic and grill products you make a trip memorable.

Come into any of the sections of Yakaboo.ua online bookstore and feel free to add to cart all you like!


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