Yesil was founded in 1948 and went into production in 1960. fabrication. the first of many years of experience in Green Shoe Fit, this time in the value of, was never without compromising on quality and attention to detail. In addition to a wide range of experience in the green Kundura also waiting for you. This assortment of women, men and children shoes, boots and boots, shoes and accessories you can find. Foot privilege that your health and your anatomy, among the products of our shoes are made with special technology.

Women’s shoes in different colors in their model numbers and brands available. Daily use or high-heeled shoes suitable models for special meetings, have not escaped the attention of shoe lovers. Sneakers for comfort lovers, and boots models for women who want to spend the winter in the Green Kundura.

Men’s Shoes models of elegance and comfort of those who prefer. Daily sports shoes from classic shoes, and boots are many options to sound awaits you. Leather, nubuck, suede, artificial leather and black patent leather shoes, coolest shades and a large number of options available in different colors such as brown and gray.

Children’s footwear models to reflect their mood colorful. Girls and boys shoes and boots on the quality of green and world-renowned brands. Useful school bags between your pleasant option.


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