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Yuterra is the leader of the Russian market of products for home and interior. Average annual growth in sales in the last 5 years – 25%.

At the moment, company “PlanetaStroy” operates 125 stores in 44 regions of the Russian Federation and serves 12 million. Customers per year. The average area of ​​1000 square meters store The number of employees exceeds 3,600 people.

Yuterra – specialty home goods store, which offers a wider range of thought to create a home of comfort and style, Interior design, news and trends, the ability to obtain competent advice.

The uniqueness is in the variety of products and a wide choice.

Today, about a third of the assortment of shops – is exclusive offers. The company management sees the recipe for success: offer customers a collection that is not found in other stores. Thus, Yuterra allows buyers to express their imagination and individuality in the design of the interior and cozy home.

Yuterra exists and works for those who loves his family and his home, for those who enjoy the very process of buying. Yuterra provides opportunities to express themselves and create something unique condition in the house, which is called comfort. Yuterra constantly trying to become even more interesting for their customers, capture their needs, to look for the world what they need.

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