zBuyer was established in 2003. Originally, our system was designed solely for real estate investors, and we leaned on our skill at marketing to find motivated home sellers. As results improved, the lead volume began to flow. zBuyer can now generates more than 50,000 motivated home-seller leads in a single month throughout the U.S.

Today, zBuyer is available to anyone (professional or not) interested in residential real estate. zBuyer continues to grow by leaps and bounds. In these economic times, zBuyer provides a much-needed affordable solution for real estate agents, investors, home buyers, and home sellers. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies to attract sellers across the nation and provide a service that simplifies the home selling process.

Our highly trained zBuyer team is focused 100 percent on the real estate industry, and includes a collection of experienced business minds, IT professionals, developers, sales experts, customer service representatives, and support staff. We also have wonderful affiliate relationships and are in continuous contact with many of the best-known thought leaders in the real estate industry. We make it our passion, as well as our business, to know real estate!

zBuyer is a family owned and operated real estate marketing and investment company. All of the active owners are REALTORS®. Steven and Lucas Edwards collaborated to develop a series of systems that have evolved to become zBuyer.com. Soon after, Aaron and Jessica came on board to form an excellent team of REALTORS® with a unique set of varied specialties that make zBuyer the well-oiled-machine that it is today.


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