TOMTOP – Chinese wholesale market

TOMTOP, established in June 2004, a reliable China wholesale and retail online shop with Diverse & High Quality Products where you can buy China Products at Best Price and Free Coupons!

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TOMTOP mainly deals various of articles for daily use products specialize in video games, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, clothing, home and garden items, jewelry, media player, car accessories, RC models & accessories and so on. In the future.


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Digital Retail Zoo is an e-commerce business platform with stores and others, integrating all intelligence systems, looking for high performance, low cost and best service in online shopping.

Founded in 2008 with over half a million customers served in Brazil, Giraffe works with leading brands of consumer electronics. Its stock is fueled by the industry and its official distributors with the guarantee of all products by the manufacturer.

Headquartered in São Paulo, a distribution center in Barueri and Recife, both operated by Tegma, Giraffe delivery 98.2% of deliveries before the deadline.

They exist to make your online shopping experience easier and faster. He thought of service quality and competitive prices, thought of the Giraffe.


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Technosila is a multi-channel retailer, has more than twenty years working in the retail trade.

Today Technosila offers customers not only home appliances and digital electronics, but also furniture, toys, household goods, sports goods – the range includes more than 45,000 items and is growing every day. Technosila adheres to the highest international standards of management trade organization, customer service and human resources.

Technosila 85 stores in 56 cities in Russia every month take up to 1.5 million customers. 5 million monthly visitors come to site to make a purchase online.

The company’s revenue amounted to 27.5 billion. Rubles in 2014, while the total volume of online sales increased by 76%. The total number of employees – 2,800 people.

Technosila always online and there. Now customers, easy to switch between channels, can choose how and when it is convenient to buy – online, in a store or through the mobile site.

Easy and fast delivery, inspiring selection of products leading brands, fair prices and attentive service make Technosila one of the most attractive companies in the retail trade in Russia.


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Founded in 1981, Micro Application, one of the flagship brands of the Avanquest Group, specializes in the publishing and distribution of software, video games, creative paper, accessories for smartphones and tablets.

His membership in one of the major players in the world of development and publishing of software applications on PCs, tablets, smartphones, made by Micro Application in France a leader in the segment of the general public microcomputer.

Avanquest Software is a leader in developing and publishing software applications on PCs, tablets, smartphones, TV and Social Networks. The passion of the teams, the technological added value of software and the implementation of the Group in North America, Europe and Asia make Avanquest Software one of the top 10 global provider of consumer software.

Since its creation in 1984, the company has put innovation at the heart of its business, based on its teams of engineers scattered throughout France, the United States and China, working every day to create the best software today and tomorrow. Avanquest Software is listed on NYSE Euronext since 1996.


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