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Delivery Delivery

Delivery Delivery full payment, shopping peace of mind guaranteed home delivery service] [payment collection, delivery of goods, and accounts receivable. Cash on delivery. Takkyubin high-province distribution system, the day before 12:00 the order was established, within seven days to arrive.

Delivery time can be served on the specified date and time, specify the delivery time on weekdays: morning / afternoon / evening. Distribution sites can choose any location, such as: home / office / workplace / community management committee and so on.

Before distribution to Call the recipient to inform the delivery time and payment amount. Goods delivered simultaneously collect payment.

Credit card payment

Use SSL encryption Fu Bao European online cash flow systems, institutions other than banks would not have handled your credit card information, safe and secure transactions


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Bonbons is a Taiwan’s online Women’s Shoe shopping store!

They aim to provide women who love shoes, with a sense of design and high-quality beauty dream shoes.

Ya Jue International Toys Co., Ltd., established in 2010 and in the same year created its own brand Bonbons, focused on the Internet market to provide a good pair of shoes to wear comfortable starting point, style and product design and production quality is high demand Ya Jue international Toys Co., Ltd. to provide affordable, comfortable shoes as their responsibility.

It allows you to wear from the moment life began to change you. Bonbons candy from the French, has been, Bonbons want to convey Natural sex with a sweet but a little distinctive style, in addition to the presentation by the perfect design, but who can make the shoes become the protagonist. As Bonbons like forms, colorful changing, u where u can definitely find their own Bonbons.


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Momo was established in 2004 Nian . 9 months, capital amounted to NT $ 14.21 billion. Taiwan Mobile Group shareholder structure comprises 44.3 %, Lotte Group (LOTTE) 15%, TECO Group 11.2%, other 29.4%.

Momo based in Taiwan, but also international look, 2011 for Beijing Gehua Fubon commerce companies began offering television marketing in Beijing, 2013 Nian merchandise will also continue to expand sales into Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; , 2014 Nian . 6 Yue momo joint venture and Thailand TVD TVD SHOPPING CO., LTD the company has also started operations , with the hope that the successful experience in Taiwan, to the rest of Asia, while leading momo suppliers internationalization, we believe that in addition to customer service can be a service provider, with the entire supply chain to the world stage.

Momo recruit the most professional talent, combined with the industry’s top partners, uphold the core concept of “affordable” is, through television, Internet and catalogs, to construct the most trusted shopping platform, to create a sustainable maximum customer satisfaction degree shopping experience


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In order to truly based on the forefront of fashion, EYESCREAM in 2010 in Seoul, South Korea set up branch offices, enable top local talents belonging directly convey the beauty of Korean women as well as popular attitudes.

Unlike advertised Korean or Korean goods manufacturers, EYESCREAM to “What’s New, diverse, high texture” brand beliefs, in order to create and Korean pop zero-day become the biggest importer of Korean fashion brand clothes, EYESCREAM maintain one hundred Korean clothing brand closely Cooperation. Whether jackets, sweaters, dresses …… each single product are all consumers in the style, price, quality and strict control, the latest models, the most popular and most affordable three major guarantee.

Unlike other online shopping industry uses pre-order sales approach, EYESCREAM whole museum Goods are all physical commodities, in the most intimate quality fast delivery service, available to every pursuit of a high fashion Famous online shopping enthusiasts, the next day when the world order that is receive! Shopping process easy to understand simple instructions leaving shopping pleasant.

EYESCREAM good at capturing the feminine body type and inadvertently revealed the confident style, whether it will feel windbreaker jacket, showing neat suit jacket OL outfit sexy elegant long dress or will with a sense of joy PARTY little dress is a classic brand masterpiece, naturally the unique Korean aesthetics flow gap in life.

EYESCREAM whole museum merchandise are all spot sales, weekdays (Monday to Friday) 12:00 ago ordering, shipping on the day of the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and national holidays postponed shipments.


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Fashion Cookie Site name meaning: “as easy as buying biscuits get popular.”

“Value for money, the purchase without the burden, easy to match readily fashion” is – derived out of the spirit of the brand. That purpose is to allow consumers’ easy to experience popular.

With the popularity of sports fashion and Broadwood concepts, the market demand for functional apparel has increased steadily, much sought after popular, no longer limited to clothing appearance, paying attention to the nature of the fabric, as well as its additional function of energy have a better, more comfortable wearing apparel and life experience.

The price of clothing is functional in a given impression, are biased in high-priced, it is not easy to start, Fashion Cookie seen such a demand, and therefore [apparel] Corpo X function emerged.

Corpo in Italian, the physical meaning, binding Runtai people-oriented spirit, they come up with the ability and standard service world famous brand, to create a comprehensive upgrade people comfortable in different environments wearing overcome the unfriendly environment, the pursuit of more healthy beautiful tomorrow of a new brand.

Future Fashion Cookie website will continue to develop a greater variety of goods to meet the needs of different levels in your life, where you can fully enjoy Shengdeng service after shopping, as well as practical information function product, let us together easily experience popular!


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