Holding the Coquette brand Altınhas Accessories, with 31 reaching concept store, accessory retailing space has been operating since 2005.

Customer-focused service approach and innovative vision of the world of fashion accessories among the influential players Coquette Accessories, global brand concept store merchandising standards with decorated basis; It aims to keep alive a shopping experience that makes a difference to our customers.

Mainly in the position that concept stores in shopping malls; from jewelry to scarves, hours bag, with its extensive collection of hair accessories ranging from gloves accessories trends are bringing the world of fashion lovers.

Coquette Accessories; universal brand retailing to customers while service standards; at the same time fulfilling corporate social responsibility obligations and continue its activities as a respectful brand environment.


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Turkey’s most reliable e-commerce platform is the way to make sure steps into the advancing’m back taking the 175 years of PTT assurance can not go in any e-commerce site to this day, is proud to offer e-commerce services to the most remote corners of our country.

In the e-commerce industry is developing in our country is the most important value of ‘trust’ factor to restructure, they offer their customers these elements unconditionally.

Turkey’s first virtual 3D shopping center as the epttavm its innovative vision to life and offers the user to improve every day.


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Optical Atasu is an online store of sunglasses and eyeglasses!

Atasu in optics, in November 2007, in the 4500 point in more than 45 countries have participated in the Dutch origin of the Grand Vision site.

They do with the power given by this international partnership, entered a rapid growth in 2015 as of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Antalya, Gaziantep, Kocaeli, Eskişehir, Mersin, Kayseri, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Aydin, Konya, Manisa, Duzce Hatay, Balıkesir, Afyon, Bolu and Van have reached a total of 125 points in 23 provinces.

As the optical Atasu, their economic price you are giving value to their customers’ satisfaction.

In 45 countries, tens offer affordable prices to their customers with their years of experience.


– 14 day returns, 30 day exchange
– In all Atasu Point Optical. Return and Exchange Freedom
– Without interest installment payment
– 2 year warranty original brand
– lifetime free maintenance Facility


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KOTON is Ccreative and innovative, customer and technology oriented. Bringing together the season trends with unique designs. They have unlimited products and design abundance. KOTON is a leader of the fashion and retail in Turkey.

Focusing on “You”. In KOTON, only your expectations stand in the forefront.

The product design begins with analyzing your demands, mixing it with fashion trends and ends with being re-designed. KOTON is always with you to help you show your style in a comfortable way. The product you demand is put on the market with the charming price, in the best locations and under the glamorous store ambience.

All the trends of the fashion and the collections prepared with stylish colors, patterns, lines and coupes are present in KOTON for everyone who wants to seem elegant and well-groomed throughout the every moment of the day.

The products reflecting the latest fashion, which can be used along different timelines in a day life including business life by especially young citizen professionals, are in our stores with charming prices.

KOTON stores address to five senses of yours; they make you happy besides shopping, they relax you, they meet your every expectation related to shopping. Because in these days buying clothes is not just buying clothes! It is an experience of shopping and pleasure!

KOTON plays a major role in increased competition and traffic in malls which include KOTON, since it gives a high-class and comfortable shopping experience.

After renewing its growth strategy, KOTON is in 25 countries with 362 stores, 255 of them being in Turkey, 107 of them being abroad thanks to working systematically using its knowledge, experience and technology.

KOTON stores are with you in the special cities around the world including Athens, Dubai, Bucharest, Moscow!


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Beautiful, healthy, stylish gifts from!

You want to get a nice gift omeone you care about. Moreover, the more valuable gift, you want to express yourself with a special message. But you are having trouble seek gifts in the market or in the market to bring you love and you do not know what to do.

Gift get a valuable person you steam. with a special message you want to express yourself. But you are having trouble seek gifts in the market or in the market to bring you love and you do not know what to do.

Come, let’s end this mess. All these solutions have one point as You choose your gift, indicate your special message, we checked Let us, if you Collect.

“Time” is their most valuable asset: entering the search Gift trouble, you can easily select and order one of our visual and delicious gift baskets and flowers.

Your gift delivered to the recipient on the same day: in the cities where our branches, at 15: 00 until you give orders, with the condition that at least 3 hours between the desired delivery time from the issuance of the order is delivered within the same day.

They are working with Turkey and shipping services across the whole system with branches, they have established “aynıg boutique production-delivery infrastructure” and are offered to our customers with reasonable pricing.

Classic gifts or “simple flower” Sending understanding of our country as well as abroad is now gradually changing. We do not give up the flowers, but we also want to offer a different kind of gift. Here was born based on this understanding.

Now and loved ones with delicious goodies “flower visual” both delicious and pleasant taste can make a difference by gift; so you can get thanks and praise right.


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