Gift-land is scheduled to souvenir sales site of Japan’s largest offering on the preferred date for souvenirs before departure.

Gift-land is providing more than abroad, souvenirs about 2,000 items in the country.

Souvenir is booked in advance, home delivery to your home to the desired date. Assortment about 3000 items all over the world – Japan gift. Shortest next day delivery on orders of up to 10 am, except for Sundays and public holidays.

Up to 5% OFF a member registration! That cookie anxious also, that chocolate, which has been also recommended, Let bought at the gift land!


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Japan Kenko’s drugstore!

You can buy a product such as selling a child plush coin Paz, DHC, hyujok time, Kobayashi fever seat, konjac jelly.

Payment Method: In Kenko Com credit card, (payable at the post office and convenience store) transfer paper, available cash on delivery, comfort. Bank (old e-Bank Corporation).

Deliery: Kenko Com, except for the part of the health equipment direct from the manufacturer, we have entrusted the delivery to the Yamato with a reputation by polite our handling of goods.

Your time from dispatch until delivery will vary slightly depending on the delivery area and traffic conditions, etc., but is usually from 2 days about 5 days. Depending on the availability and size of the product, you might want to send it divided your luggage you order two or more of a cardboard box.

Product Category

Drug, Health food, Hood, Water and beverage, Cosmetics, Daily necessities, Health care, Nursing care, baby, Health consumer electronics, Healing, Pet, Sport


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Harry & David: Gourmet Gifts Review

Harry & David has grown to become America’s premier choice for gourmet gifts. From our handpicked fresh fruit to our hand-packed gift baskets filled with delicious treats, we are committed to providing premium quality and excellence in every way.

Harry and David named their luxurious pears “Royal Riviera,” setting them apart from varieties grown elsewhere, and throughout the Roaring Twenties, the fame of Royal Riviera® Pears spread as their business boomed.

Following the Great Depression, the brothers’ affluent market began to diminish. While there was no question that the Royal Riviera® Pears were unsurpassed in quality, their concern became finding new buyers. Always innovating, the brothers devised the idea of selling their pears by mail.

Today, the company continues to grow and plan for the future, developing new ways to capitalize on the Harry & David brands. Today, we are proud to be one of the nation’s earliest catalog mail order companies, earning our reputation for unmatched quality and customer service.


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More than 200 000 customers from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Delivery of goods from the United States, Japan, China and Europe in the last 7 days.

One of the lowest commission rates on the services market. Save hundreds of thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of rubles on purchases abroad.


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