100 Day Loans Review

100DayLoans offers features that make it stand out among other services. Based on the information in your application, it matches you with lenders willing to loan you money. As with most loan services, approval for the maximum amount is not likely on your first loan. But after you establish a solid payment history, lenders are more likely to extend the full amount to you. However, remember it’s smart to only borrow what you need, and not more.

All loans come with an APR that you pay back along with the principal loan amount, and this interest rate is something you’ll want to pay close attention to. The APR varies from state to state and from lender to lender, so 100DayLoans cannot guarantee a specific rate. Just as the amount you can borrow increases with good history, your APR may decrease over time. Keep in mind that the APR is the interest rate for a loan term of a full year. Payday loans are meant to be more short-term. Because of this, lenders typically express interest in terms of the cost per $100 borrowed on a 14-day loan.


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