Apteka-ifk.ru Review

The main principles of Apteka-ifk.ru are reliability, professionalism, and quality assurance of medicines and all products courtesy and prompt service.

The convenience of working with them are the following:

– Quality medicines and pharmaceutical goods of reputable companies;
– a large assortment of drugs, dietary supplements (dietary supplements), homeopathy, medical products and parapharmacy – medical cosmetics, children’s products, hygiene products, aromatic oils;
– delivery of medicines home, in the office, if necessary, to the hospital;
– non-stop operation in most of our pharmacies;
– expert advice of pharmacists for medicines, cosmetics and medical Badam in our pharmacies and by phone;
– orders for any missing we have drugs that are carried out for 2 days.

All their merchandise is being tested at the “input” – “goods reception quality.” Series of licenses for goods compared with the data of the state Department of quality control, effectiveness and safety of drugs and medical equipment Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. In the process of finding items in stock is under review by the Ministry of Health about the new data falsified and defective goods, which are sent in the form of letters.


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