Bodo – Ideas original impressions in Ukraine!

The company Bodo – Ukrainian operator experience. The leader in the gift industry, the organization of congratulations, surprises and adventure expeditions. The Bodo created a unique product – Impressions – and is used as the basis for all projects.

More than 390 gifts in stock in Kiev. Online Shop Bodo – the Most large Ukraine. All surprises are offered in their original format – impressions. These services, which have no analogues: lessons from diving and extreme driving to rest in the spa and hot-air ballooning.

The site 400 choices of gifts from different categories:

* Extreme – flights aerotrube on trolls, zorbing, flaybord
* Romance – a meeting on the roof, horseback riding, cruise on a yacht
* Spa and beauty – massages in European and Oriental art, complex cosmetic procedures
* Creativity – workshops of painting, music, crafts

Why gifts Bodo

They are working on the market for over 6 years and can offer its customers not only original gift solutions, but also discounts for repeat purchases. On a constant basis functions able to add 10 gifts in 1 set. All the surprises they pack free of charge. You can put in a box of 1 to 10 impressions, and the recipient will choose for themselves the most current service. It pays only one gift, the most expensive in the set. Thus, you have to offer complete freedom of choice. Each gift is tastefully decorated.

The site presents all conveniently categorized, so you can easily choose what to give for one, for two or for a company. They also recommend you take advantage of filters available separately and entertainment for men, women or children.

Ordering online takes only 1 minute. When you call back the manager and specify all the details. Buy a gift online is much faster than selecting it in stores. Delivery – Bodo in 8 cities of Ukraine

The company has a large coverage in Ukraine and is represented in all the major cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye, Nikolayev and Poltava. Impressions can be ordered online, and get with express delivery or pick up at points of shipment.


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